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Maybe It’s Time For The Truth

Maybe it’s time for the truth-

Hold my hand before we kiss,

Touch my heart before my lips

Unless you wanna be just like them,

Think about us, not just me.

Don’t try and hide your feelings because you wanna be a man,

Don’t promise me you will stay by my side when u know you can’t.

Chocolates, cakes, pinks, and reds I love all of them but 

But you are still the gem.

I walk on the streets, I see them in love 

I wish it was me, but then I remember

The tears, the worries, and how this all is just pretend.

Send her roses one day and then forget the promises u made.

They fade as her beauty does, you find someone 

Who loves you more than her, but when she leaves, and the pain continues.

This day ain’t gonna prove that you are here to stay

She knows you are gonna walk away just like he did.

But you still promise her you will never treat her like he did but you do her even worse.

To her, love doesn’t exist anymore and now it’s her turn to break all the other innocent hearts.

Restarts her mind and knows how to control. 

Her feelings and herself are tied in a box closed with heavy rocks.

This valentines maybe tell her the truth instead of those lies and gifts

Rather than making her happy for a day and then sad for life make her feel bad today so she can smile later,

So she can find her true love that is obviously not you because only a few know how to love.


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