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Online Schooling and Its Challenges

Online School is Online School. To most of us, it’s something new and something that we have different opinions/views upon. Of course, amidst our unfortunate situation of living through COVID-19, we must be isolated away from each other. Although, Online School does have it’s pros. For one, we get more sleep! Being able to work more at our pace during zoom classes and flex days, students can find themselves experiencing less anxiety, stress, and worries that one may face when at school in-person. Not to mention, it is much safer in our current situation for many, by social distancing.

Of course, it is important to note that Online School may contain some cons for some students. That could be confusion/difficulty learning(more than what we may have at school), less social events like in-person homecoming and football games. But don’t worry! Sports are back in school and Pennsylvania is continuing in the green phase, meaning it can only get better from here. We won’t be in online school forever, so at least for me, we should all try to see the bright side of Online School and take advantage of this more spaced schedule provided for us!  

Online School is new to almost all of us, and it is a process that will help people grow and will serve as a memory to build off of.  Students are given a more spaced out schedule with additional/longer breaks throughout the day, between or even in classes, which may help relieve stress, anxiety, concern, and more. For me personally, waking up at 7 is something that I will always adore on a school day, no more waking up at 5:45 am! It’s the little things that many of us enjoy about online school. We can fit our academics into our ideal type of day, which may help us especially during these rough and unpredicted times. Morgan Puglisi, a very involved, busy junior at the Upper Merion High School, believes that Online School is going well for her and is a good fit. She believes that this new process is a good move for everyone and isn’t necessarily “ruining” or a “burden” to her junior year. She along with many others believe that flex days are extremely helpful and something that everyone can enjoy and find useful during the school year. Meanwhile, she states “Although it’s hard to sit still for 90 minutes and easy to get sidetracked by other things, I see it as the best option right now”. I’m sure that’s what everyone is thinking. Yes, I can admit, it is very easy to get distracted by my phone and even my dog. But, right now, it’s our best option and best bet. It’s safer and does allow us to be more free in our studies and get work done in a more spaced out manner. What do you feel about Online School?…… Stay Safe everybody!


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