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Grammys Outfits (Flop?)

Disclaimer: I do not have anything against any of these artists, they all looked amazing and this is solemnly for entertainment purposes. No hate against any of them. 

Harry Styles: Someone tell me why Harry Styles decided to dress up as Billie Eilish’s hair at the 2021 Grammys. But still somehow managed to pull it off? To be fair though, if he had only worn the black leather suit with nothing outrageous and bold like he usually does, it wouldn’t be Harry Styles anymore, it would just be Harry got-no-Style. But copying Billie is kinda low, even for him (but then again, he ditched the boa during the performance…). 

Dua Lipa: I don’t know if it’s just me but the first thought that came to mind when I saw Dua Lipa’s outfit was that it looks awfully similar to something that could’ve been worn by Barbie in a Barbie Fairy movie, especially because of the butterfly. In fact, most of her outfits that she wore at the Grammys this year all just seem Barbie inspired or something with all of the pink and glitter. Guess Dua wanted to stand out after wearing silk bed sheets last year. 

Noah Cyrus: Noah Cyrus…her outfit is something else. If I had to use one word to describe it, hideous. And the question I would ask the designer is, just why? Why? What made you think it looked good? I’m seriously starting to believe that the designer ran out of materials, saw their fitted sheets and went, “Yes! Cloth!” and started creating the sheets inspired dress. The dress also gives me late 16th century medici collar vibes, along with George Washington’s hair vibes (is she trying to be old?). I strongly implore you to go google the references that were brought up as there is somewhat of a resemblance. 

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift totally pulled off this outfit with the mini flower dress and expertly handled the tiny wardrobe malfunction that occurred on the red carpet. However, the dress still looks like an arts & crafts dress with flowers that a child picked out and out glued on. It also feels like something that 5 Minute Crafts would recommend, “Oh no! I don’t have a dress for the Grammys, what will I wear? I know! Let me just take some flowers from my neighbor’s garden, they wouldn’t know. Now, just hot glue the flowers onto this transparent dress that I have laying around. Perfect! No one will know a thing.” 

BTS: This is 100% biased since I’m an army myself but the boys looked great (as always) and the Grammys used them for views. 


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