Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Broken Pride

Butterflies have wings, 

They each can dance in the sky, 

And let the sunlight drip through their wings, 

Like a stain glass window

Each wing tells their story, 

Where they were from, 

And where they have flown;

Through crystal rain, 

Wild meadows, 

Silky winds, 

And mirrors of illusions. 

Each butterfly has their own journey, 

And they show it through their wings, 

Encrypted with their family’s heritage, 

Culture, and pride. 

But some butterflies do not get the chance to fly, 

Some are turned to moths, 

And forced to hide, 

While others can show their pride, 

And soar in the misty white clouds. 

Each butterfly has its unique beauty, 

For where it came, 

And it should be admired, 

And not broken into shame. 


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