Viking Call

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Student Spotlight Interview: Veronica Kelley

Hello Everyone! For this week’s issue, we are going to be simply discussing some students’ opinions/views on what’s going on presently in their life and within the school. For this issue, I have Veronica Kelley, a junior at Upper Merion High School. Ever since the high school has had the option and opportunity for students to go back in, she has decided to go back in. She says that class is quite interesting due to the fact that she keeps forgetting how there are people still online, creating a different atmosphere. She enjoys and thinks that going back in is a good idea for her personally, and she likes how things are online and not everything down on paper(assignments). “I like the fact that I can go home if I have study hall. I think people are not treating covid like it is nothing. Covid was something that woke up people to realize what happened in history before, for example, the Black Plague even with modern technology and medicine(seeing how dangerous it was and how we should all take caution).”, Veronica states. Veronica’s statement and opinion were one of many at Upper Merion, many are on the same page. Thank you everyone, stay safe!


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