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5 Fun Thanksgiving Table Topics that Don’t Involve Politics

Are you tired of sitting at the Thanksgiving table hearing Uncle Albert and Aunt Janet talk about presidential candidates and President Trump? Well have i got the solution for you, and not just 1 solution but 5 engaging topics to talk about this year at the Thanksgiving table that aren’t politics. 

Coming in at numero uno is Gravy. Yes you read that right, Gravy. Now some may argue that this in itself is political but hear me out. In my house we have decided, after many years of bickering, to call gravy both “gravy” and “sauce”. Now I personally am not selective of either or but it truly is a fun sort of conversation starter at the table that will make for a rather funny interaction between family members. But abort mission if someone starts throwing food. Food is precious. Save the food. Alright, coming in at number 2 is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or really any holiday you celebrate that’s right around the corner! For Christmas the best thing to start with is the Tree. The tree comes first only because in my opinion it’s the easiest topic under Christmas to dismiss rather quickly without bellyaching responses. Talk about when the setting up decorations and tree is commencing first then move onto the most important Christmas question of all time. Presents. Go all out for this one, as long as you keep adding and questioning what you and others want this holiday season the conversation will drag on and on. Presents isn’t just limited to Christmas, Hanukkah is also a great time to talk about presents you may want or honestly if your family doesn’t celebrate any specific holiday but still gives out presents this applies as well! Presents this time of year is a very important discussion which allows you to find out interests you may not have known about aunt Susan. How were you supposed to know she likes to bowl? Anyways, talking about the holiday season is a great conversation topic. Whether it be about presents or just where and when y’all are celebrating. 

At number 3, life wisdom. I know, I know, boring right? But honestly though, talking to your family about credit cards, car insurance, taxes, health insurance, etc. is super important! We are all high school students, if I asked you a tax or car insurance related question, you most likely would not know. Unless you’re smart like that, this doesn’t apply to you smartypants. Your family members, well most of them anyways, have been alive way longer than you have and all have different opinions about each topic. If you come up with a list of questions you may have, you’d be surprised at how much your family’s got your back with perhaps specific companies to get insurance from or a type of car that will last you a while and all that jazz. Except the children. They have their own table for a reason. 

The most unorthodox topic on this list is number 4, the supernatural. All families have beliefs about supernatural beings and cryptids alike and it makes for a rather interesting conversation. Even if this kind of stuff isn’t for you you’d be surprised at how many stories your family members have compiled throughout their lives about doors opening and closing by themselves, strange lights in the sky, and your pet chupacabra eating your homework. That isn’t just me right? And finally at number five we have tik tok. Yes, tik tok. You know all about it, your younger siblings and cousins know about it, even weird Uncle Joe knows. But Grandma doesn’t. Neither does Grandpa or aunt Kristy either. Now is the perfect time to teach them how to become viral on one of the most influential and growing platforms in the world. Soon Grandma will be tik tok famous, and your college is paid off. 


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