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The Untold Stories of the Murdered

Honestly, the amount of mass murders occurring is By Shivansh Bansal disgusting and shameful; the sad reality is no one is talking about it, because no one cares about deaths in third world countries. 

Since 2003 acts of violence, slaughter and rape are occurring in South Sudan. The ‘Darfur’ genocide -also known as the first genocide of the 21st century- is being carried out by a group of government armed officials know as the Janjaweed or Arab militia. The Janjaweed has been destroying Darfurians villages, murdering and torturing innocent civilians while raping women, children, and men. The damage caused by Janjaweed has displaced 4.8 million people and over 480,000 deaths. In 2007 the United Nations Security Council Resolution authorized the deployment of 26,000 uniformed personnel to decrease the violence in South Sudan. Meanwhile, China and Russia were working tirelessly (even to this day) to block United Nations resolutions in attempts to appease the South Sudanese government. China invests heavily on South Sudan’s oil, China is South Sudan’s largest overseas oil provider. In return, China has been providing the Arab militia helicopters, tanks, fighter planes, bombers, rocket launch propelled grenades and machine guns. China has been keeping this genocide alive, for oil, for more money. It seems as though China cares more about its net worth and GDP rather than helping people in crisis. China has once again shown it prefers money over people. Both China and Russia have opposed United Nations peacemaking troops from South Sudan. Russia strongly opposes the creation of an independent Darfuri state, because South Sudan is Russia’s strongest investment partner and political. Since China and Russia’s attempt to keep South Sudan unsteady, 18,100 United Nation peacemaking troops have fled South Sudan. 

The world is slowing turning its back on the Darfuri people. South Sudan is only one of many third world countries that are suffering in silence; there are millions of hands reaching out to the world for help, but everyone is turning a blind eye. 

The lack of media coverage is apart of the problem; why are media companies refusing to report on third world civil wars, crises, genocides or positive updates? Even so, when there is media coverage on a third world country it is never the whole truth, usually, it shows poverty and not the beauty of the country or the people. For example, due to media coverage people assume Africa is a country (in reality it is a continent) and everyone is living in poverty, people often don’t know countries in Africa have technology, tools and sometimes better things than first world countries; colonization is the reason why these countries are looked at differently. There is a huge assumption that if a country was colonized, it is uncivilized. This creates a divide between first/second world countries and third countries. It now becomes ‘us’ vs ‘them’. This is why mass murders/massacres have been forgotten about, because “it doesn’t pertain to us” but it does, it’s our world. It is the effect of postcolonial syndrome/trauma, changing the way a country is governed and the culture of the people; it should be the duty of first and second world countries to give aid to third world countries whenever it is desperately needed or the country asks.

As long as people are being slaughtered, the amount of suffering, pain, and violence will spread. The Extinction of the human race will be caused by humans. Humanity died the day Europeans decided to colonize countries and own people. 


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