Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Maybe Someday

Nimbly padding against the diaspora of fallen autumnal colors, a small creature strolled through the late evening streets. Preparing for the foreboding deep sleep was always a hassle, but considering the rough, snowy conditions of the white winter, it was a million times better than starving later on. However, the thorned hedgehog could only gaze around, immersed in the ethereal beauty of the park. From the chameleon trees to the cotton candy clouds and abundance of critters, the hedgehog was happy to have found this miniscule haven. Here, he could live plentifully without a care in the world. He had even become acquaintances with the local troop of squirrels. Maybe someday, he’d be able to barter with them. That would make him tremendously happy. For now, though, he was grateful that he could live in such a peaceful place. Maybe someday, he could learn to operate the camera some human had lost between the bushes by the bench. Maybe someday, he would be able to capture all that made him happy.


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