Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


She is a woman

White, Black, Pink or Brown

She will never drop her crown,

It might tilt but she won’t dare to drop it.

She wears it like a lady and walks like one too

Talks how she wants, gets what she wants 

She is the lady, she is the woman here

She won’t yell to tell you she is woman here like 

You do to tell her “you are the man”.

She is fine with being a girl, lady or a woman

Because they all were the crowns with pride

But still they have to hide?

She has four children at 20, she is a whore

She has none, so she’s not a women

Objectify her, terrify her

She is numb, she’s sore.

With your eyes scan her body, ignoring her soul

She has a beautiful body, but do you not know what’s within it.

Destroy her when she hurts your ego 

Because boys, sorry men

She can never be superior than you 

But even boys get offended after we call them a boy 

So hurt her, play her like a toy,

But you can never destroy her.

We are too sensitive if we cry but when 

we don’t, we are emotionless.

She is always frustrated but never defeated.

Not only on March 8th, respect her every day.

Don’t treat her like a woman, treat her like a human.

Dear women,

Embrace yourself and every part of you that makes you, you.

Don’t let their comments bother you, don’t let their questions change your answers.

Don’t let them, demons force you to look at yourself as women.


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