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The Return of Movie Theatres

With the first projected film screening in 1894, the movie theatre industry has grown and changed, eventually becoming the cornerstone of visual entertainment. But as digital screening sites continue to grow in size, will COVID be a nail in the coffin of former box office glory?

Even before movie theatres began to shut down due to COVID, attendance was in a steep decline. Moviegoing became more about the movie itself, and not the company or atmosphere. With movies being largely accessible digitally, many switched to the cheaper and easier alternative. As ticket prices continue to rise, it discourages many from taking trips to the theatre, waiting patiently for the movie to make its journey to digital streaming sites instead, or even just to rent. This same situation led to the closing of drive-ins. But, there is hope that history will not repeat itself.  

With the Pfizer vaccine and others like it, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon, as mass immunity rises, theatres and other joyous hangout spots will begin to reopen, bit by bit. Eventually, this will give the movie scene a chance to provide an outlet in the form of a once overlooked occasion. This might be the perfect situation; millions of people worldwide longing for a sense of normalcy.

Theatre attendance numbers are likely to skyrocket. The one aspect causing the death of movie theatres might be the one thing that can bring it back to life. After a year of being isolated, the opportunity to just go out, and meet up with people together to enjoy the cinema might be the cure to everyone’s cabin fever. 

In terms of production, movies can resume shooting and lead the way for new ideas to follow. Many out of work in entertainment are beaming to return to the jobs they love, and provide the films to be opened on the big screen. Daydreaming about sitting in a comfy chair and enjoying tasty popcorn is just the anecdote needed until the movie experience is completely safe to resume.


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