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Middle East Turmoil

 Houses collapse with ease, as if they were made of sand, and gunshots travel throughout the streets with the citizens enduring the pain of their country being torn apart. I apologize for this gruesome reality but unfortunately this is the cruel existence of the thousands of people who live in the Middle East. The history of this region is extremely complex, and the prominent issues that divide the people, originate from centuries before. Religious differences, intellectual differences and the pursuit for resources are all causing these groups to turn to violence to try to achieve their goals.

    The Middle East’s violence has been discussed for a while and the causes and conflicts are important but I personally believe the solutions are more important. These solutions are extremely complex though but I believe that they can be achieved. One necessary requirement of peace is the recognition of the different cultures and countries in the Middle East along with an equal balance of power. With so many different ethnicities, the people need to know that the region is diverse and that each country should be treated equally and individually. Reactions to the behaviour of one country should not dictate the reactions to another because these countries are too varied for that approach to work. 

    For peace inside the Middle East, those groups must recognize that other groups’s opinions and interests matter. Compromise, collaboration and respect are all critical skills needed for peace and must be utilized by both sides. The desires of accomplishing all of your objectives must end and countries must allow the other side  to have input so that the entire region can thrive, not just your individual country or group. Strong democracies need to be emulated by these countries of the Middle East. The government should absorb all the groups into the nation, no matter their beliefs. Basic human rights should be respected and should be put into a constitution and that constitution should be the law of the land 

    Peace will never be a possibility though with foriegn countries interfering militarily for their own benefit. Foreign countries in the past refused to recognize or even address the ethinic and religious differences when creating countries and this has created the instability that still reigns in the modern Middle East. 

    This past cannot be changed but the present can chage, so I urge these foriegn countries to withdraw their military forces and instead lend them to a global organization like the United Nations. They should be utilized to form fair, united, powerful governments in the Middle East. Foriegn countries can form and are encouraged to form economic partnerships with those in the Middle East but those agreements must be fair for both sides and cannot be backed by military force. 

    Even though the conflict has been ever lasting for centuries, I firmly believe that we will get the Middle East to the everlasting peace that it’s people deserve. 


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