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An Analysis of Kamala Harris’ Viewpoints

As questions on Joe Biden’s mental and physical state of being have emerged, Kamala Harris has been examined by the media far more than usual for a possible vice president. Generally, she has been known to follow and support policies that lean further left, and agrees with the Democratic Party on lots of issues. But with a background in law enforcement and drug enforcement, she has emerged as a controversial figure in American politics.

The most inconsistency within her political career has regarded her support for Joe Biden himself. Joe Biden, for his entire political career, has always tried to unite and compromise with the Democratic Party. He has exemplified himself as a moderate who is willing to go with the flow of his party. When he first entered politics in the 70s, he tried to compromise with and even support racist Democrats. Kamala Harris easily tore down Joe Biden down on stage during the debates, and all Joe Biden could do was hold an introspective look on his face as he took the criticism. Although in the beginning, she was a strong opponent of the Biden 2020 campaign, she very quickly turned a 180 in her opinions towards Joe Biden when Joe Biden asked her to be his running mate, and showed unparalleled support to the Biden 2020 campaign.

Harris’ stance on drug policy is far less transparent. She claimed that she smoked marjuana as she would listen to Tupac and Snoop Dogg in college, though this claim is under heavy fire, as it is plainly a lie. Tupac and Snoop Dogg had released their first album after Harris graduated from college. Later, she would oversee over 1,900 cannabis convictions, but with only a few dozen going to prison. She has made claims that she opposes legalization several times in interviews. Now, however, as the Democratic Party shifts to ending the war on drugs, Kamala Harris seems to support legalization. These are not just claims, though. She has supported numerous laws promoting the legal marijuana industry. She has promoted the SAFE Banking Act, which allows banks to work with cannabis businesses, the Marijuana Justice Act, which lets states legalize it without the federal government interfering, as well as a few others.

Kamala Harris seems very inconsistent with her policies, however it may simply be that she is trying to keep up with the progressive notion of the Democratic Party and move away from policies she may view as outdated.


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