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Free Your Holiday Spirit!

Drinking hot chocolate while wrapped up in a blanket with reindeer pajamas, patiently waiting to open up the presents from under the tree is the experience that cannot come here fast enough! This of course the one and only, Christmas day. 

Christmas is a very special day for me because I get the treasured opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Of course, not everybody celebrates it for that reason, and I fully support that because Christmas is just a special day to spend time with family, open up gifts and have joy, laughter and happiness. You can see people across the nation, showing their holiday spirit by decorating their houses with beautiful, amazing Christmas objects. People also put up festive bright lights and also some enjoy the opportunity to dress up as their cherished Christmas heroes or objects. Christmas indeed is a very special day, and it’s one of the top 3 holidays on my list. 

          Christmas offers a lot to people including children.Children are cute, adored and awesome and they brighten up anyone’s day with their enthusiasm for Christmas and Santa. For them, Christmas is magical since they believe the elfs made their gifts, and Santa delivered them under their tree from the North Pole. Everything seems to be an adventure for them! 

           Embracing the holiday spirit is what keeps the magic alive and going. Spending time with family strengthens the family bonds that inevitably have been strained due to the business of life.I think the most important thing on Christmas is the ability to be close and spend time with your loved ones while doing different activities with each other like helping each other by putting ornaments on the tree, hanging lights, taking pictures and etc. These make lifelong memories that will never go away. In the grandness of life, some people may get lost and forget  that the small things count but Christmas is always there to remind them to make sure to value the big as well as the small things in life. 

For many people, Christmas is unfortunately a time filled with loneliness, stress, and depression. I can relate sometimes but to those people and myself, I say to please remind yourself that you are not alone, and that you are an amazing person that enjoys the present. The past is alluring but I urge everyone to try to stop living in it because the present is a lot better. Make sure to surround yourself on the holidays with other people like friends and families, who you can relate to and be more open. That’s the best way to approach this time, in my opinion. Free your mind and most importantly free your holiday spirit!


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