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The Beautiful Side of the Ugly Social Media

A lot of people have argued whether social media has a positive or a negative effect on society, with many still unaware of the true answer.  According to, there are an estimated 3.46 billion active mobile social media users worldwide(“Mobile Social”). The usage of social media has grown vastly around the world since the time of 2017, which only increases the amount of questions. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the power to change people’s way of thinking by assisting them in staying connected to the outside world. People don’t even have to step outside to get this information anymore, since social media helps provide this information to 3.5 billion people ((“10 Social”).

        Especially during this pandemic, many people have had to solve the problems of communicating to loved ones. Many have turned to social media to solve that problem.These social networks also help spread awareness about things like the pandemic and the protests happening around the world. It also lets people communicate and debate about what is the best way to help people that are suffering in our society. These platforms are often open for a variety of different opinions. Sometimes this might lead people to choose opinions that can harm others or themselves, but often it uses to express very interesting, thoughtful opinions.Scrolling through pictures of models and influencers might set a beauty standard which sometimes can lead people to look at others and themselves in a negative way, if they don’t meet the standards that they see on social media. 

      The effect of socialmedia  on people’s mindsets here play a more negative role than the platform itself. Some schools like Upper Merion have also started to use social media as an educational tool. Social media platforms help teachers and students communicate their thoughts in an easier way. It also helps students work on their technological skills which is very critical to haev in today’s world and social media also provides a larger platform for students and teachers to learn. Social networking is also said to increase a person’s quality of life, and can reduce health risks. 

     As ProCon says, social media can help improve life satisfaction, stroke recovery, memory retention, and overall well-being by providing users with a large social group (“Top Pro and Con Arguments”). Even though some people experience cyberbullying, victims of cyberbullying have more tools and options to report potentially bullying than victims who experienced physical bullying. Like life, social networking has its advantages and its disadvantages. Even though social media can be a waste of time, it can also serve as a valuable tool in keeping us connected to the world in a convenient way. In summary, I believe social media is mainly beneficial if you use it right, but if you use it wrong, it can be harmful. 


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