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The Nature of the Stimulus Bill Debate – Viking Call

Viking Call

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The Nature of the Stimulus Bill Debate

  Suffering, Poverty, and Unemployment are all rising, as unpaid bills stack up as high as a giraffe’s neck due to the Covid 19 virus. Both parties, Republicans and Democrats, seemingly agree that government assistance is needed to aid the citizens of the United States, who are currently flailing in the face of the tough economic conditions. However, similarly to all aspects of life, there are disagreements on how much aid the government of the United States should and can give to its citizens. President Biden’s original plan involves the government spending $1.9 billion dollars, however this plan is seemingly opposed by all Republicans and some democrats, with 10 republicans instead arguing for a $618 billion dollar proposal. Democrats have approved Biden’s bill through the democratically-controlled House of Representatives, though it is expected to have some major changes to have it pass the Senate. 

   Personally, I believe that Biden and the democrats should reduce the funding in the bill to gain approval in the Senate. I do not know how much less funding is needed to gain that approval, but it should theoretically be more than the $618 billion proposal mentioned before, for democrats should be willing to maintain their support and maybe even flip some progressive republicans at a higher amount than the $618 billion. 

   The US citizens need assistance, and we cannot allow the differences in amount to stall this critical aid. Democratic lawmakers should follow the old classic saying that something is better than nothing. We cannot allow the mistakes of the past to repeat itself. We cannot allow the past of when the previous stimulus package lapsed and the new one did not replace it because of partisanship, because the pain caused by that lapse can never be repaired, no matter the amount.     

   Progress sometimes requires sacrifice, and yet the cost of progress requires that it be enacted in the correct moment, but now is that moment, because according to the  pew center, “1 in 4 american adults having trouble paying their bills since the coronavirus outbreak started” (Pew Center). Yes, progress such as increasing the minimum wage are critical but timing is everything, and again this is not the right timing. 

 I truly hope for the sake of the United States of America, that partisanship can be ignored, and the necessary government support of the stimulus can be passed.


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