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A Tribute to Tolkien

The thunderous hooves

Echoing on barren soil,

As elven troops charge the enemy. 

Mortals bellowing chants of war, 

Dwarven axes grinding stone. 

Goblin flesh and orc’s blood

Littering the field of corpses. 

Battle cries and songs of victory

For Middle-earth’s truest heroes. 

Hobbits and trees of the wise, 

Wizards and warriors that fight side by side, 

And the bearer of rings

Who take on journeys unexpectedly. 

The tales so familiar, from pages

Whispering about young heroines, 

In red velvet vests, 

Persevering against all odds. 

The languages rolling off the tongue

Of young Tolkein, with the eloquence of

A unique desire for fellowship, 

The one from before the war. 

A painful reminder of the past, 

With vigor as his enemy, 

Crafting a ring of power to show

That no war could be solved from such desires

The volumes of Tolkein carry his life, 

The woes of war, burdens of loss, 

The joys of camaraderie, the tenderness of love, 

And the sense of confined inspirations. 

Through each battle he faced, 

With his fellow man, his loves, 

His stories, and his kin, 

An author of his talent

Will forever be remembered, 

Will forever be praised, 

As a composer for the world of literature

That we live through today


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