Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Nothing, More

Run, run faster to the ocean shore.

Away from the ravens’ dreaded calls,

Your feet kiss the frozen forest floor.

Poor boy, tripping through the unshut door

With soles so bare in these wint’ry halls.

Run, run faster to the ocean shore.

For all the light that Winter comes for,

Forever dimmed are the eyes befalled.

Your feet kiss the frozen forest floor.

“Go,” she says, “like the Wise to the North,

Where salvation waits and snow is salt.”

Run, run faster to the ocean shore.

Her whispers are fire, and food, and warm,

They hold you and drown the ravens’ caws.

Your feet kiss the frozen forest floor.

Alas, there was shore and nothing more.

You are aphasic as she whispers song,

“Run, run faster to the ocean shore.”

Your feet kissed the frozen forest floor.

Ode to Weather 

“Just look outside and you will know”

That’s the way the weather goes

But not as much is clearly seen

Through a window glance in a morning routine

Dressed and ready for the sun, how it looks outside

But cool degrees there truly are, so quickly run and hide

If only there’s a way to know how the day will be

Simply press the button to turn on the tv

Miraculous machines they have to read some weeks ahead

To tell you if you need your sandals or unpack your sled

When planning for vacation, consult your weatherman

When to bring a winter jacket or a mini fan

When preparing for the weather, complete the outfit with a grin

Others might be  uncomfortable, but you would have a win

First came the thunder, then the lightning struck

But staying safe inside with forethought requires zero luck

Dinosaurs went extinct without forecast, but don’t ask the paleontologist

So make sure to be much smarter and listen to the meteorologist


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