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President Biden Unfairly Reads Prepared Script in Front of Anxious Journalists

Democratic President Joe Biden recently held his first press conference since his inauguration back in January 20th of this year. Unlike his predecessors however, during this particular conference with the media, Biden brought with him what seemed to be a complete script or notes, likely containing the questions he would be asked. This action taken by the President is not only puzzling, but it’s also highly suspect because all previous presidents rarely relied so heavily upon having or even studying notes as can clearly be seen during many of former President Donald Trump’s conferences and speeches where he often makes one-off comments or jabs at specific individuals much to the dismay of some and hilarity to others. 

Regardless, photos of the press conference like the one below clearly shows that Biden was indeed in possession of a set of notes that would be used to answer the questions asked by reporters. In fact it appears very likely that Biden received the questions that would be asked of him in advance and when asked to comment on this an unnamed White House Representative did not deny the claim, simply saying that the process was done to make briefings with the press much more methodical and stated “our goal is to make the daily briefing as useful and informative as possible for both reporters and the public.” It appears that President Joe Biden is so insecure about his own ability to recall basic information that he requires not only a full document containing questions he would be asked and a full script, but he had the full opportunity to study the questions due to receiving them beforehand. 

This is not even the first instance of this phenomenon occurring however, there have been many more sightings that support that Biden utilizes a series of notes and receives the questions he will be asked ahead of time even during news interviews. In many different clips across various interviews and speeches the current President can clearly be seen constantly staring either down at his podium, likely where he is keeping his notes or staring dead into the camera where a teleprompter is located so that he may read off of it. Not ever has such an unconfident and self-conscious President come into office that he requires the aid of so much information just to answer a few simple questions that former Presidents were able to answer with little problems. If only Biden could bring himself to try and answer the questions he is given himself, perhaps his interviews would contain much less of him saying the simple phrase “umm”, and he would be able to appear as a much more confident and headstrong figure for the nation. For now however, he seems fairly content employing his same foolish and half-witted strategy for the duration of his term as our nation’s leader, making him out to be more of an uncomfortable and timid figure than the hero our country needs in this current time. 


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