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The Most Unequal Field – Viking Call

Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


The Most Unequal Field

In the past years, society has made great strides in the field of gender equality. Young women are shown everyday images of female doctors, female scientists, astronauts, the list goes on. For young, non-violent women, the world is their oyster. In fact, fields like NASA love women so much, they even supplied one woman with 100 tampons just for a week! However, one profession has been left behind in this wave of feminism. It’s a tragedy really, how the demographic of violent and scary young women have been ignored. Why aren’t we advocating to correct the most male dominated field? Why aren’t we advocating for more female serial killers?

When you look at lists of infamous serial killers, you don’t even see ONE woman! This is nothing less than ridiculous to me. Many cannot believe nobody addresses this problem. Around the world, millions of girls walk the streets angry, perhaps from a bad test grade or a break up. Imagine if they could see an inspiring, empowering story of a woman who killed eleven people. Stabbing, slicing, and scavenging the streets shouldn’t be reserved purely for men. Who decided that? 

A lot of people, such as Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, will claim they stand for “female equality,” pushing for women in previously male-dominated workplaces, but people know they’re just lying. If they truly supported the rights of women, they’d support the rights of those with slightly homicidal tendencies too! It’s sickening, this fake support coming from all over the world about “women’s rights,” when they won’t advocate for women who’ve committed knife crime. 

For young ladies who aren’t inspired by doctors, scientists, and teachers but rather by chainsaws, knives, and cleavers, there is no support. This should be a wake-up call to the citizens of the United States about their prejudice. ALL jobs aspirations should be accepted. The percentage of female doctors in the United States is 36%, compare that to the percentage of female serial killers, a disturbing inequality between professions can be seen, and it won’t be stood for much longer.

Come on guys, now it’s time for a change! Advocate for female murderers now!


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