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Blessing – Viking Call

Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper



I will teach you a lesson,

A lesson that you need to learn

You gotta learn

To say thank you

Even in the times of hunger

Even in the time of need 

Say thank you 

It will keep you going

It will keep you running 

It will keep you away from falling

You might ask me 

What should be I grateful for

Don’t you have ears to lesson with

Don’t you have eyes to look with

Don’t you have hands to work with

Don’t you have a life?

You have to 

Look at the meaning behind everything

This way

Nothing will seem negative

Nothing will break you


The world is in a pandemic 

Problem after problem spontaneously

The numbers go up 

And there you are 

Stuck between 4 walls

With your loved ones

With all the time in the world

To make a change

In the world or in yourself

Do you think humanity advanced

Without falling

Without going back a hundred steps

Without being forced back to the dark

Without a World War or a Plague

Without a challenge to force advancement

But you know what mankind did?

Took two hundred steps ahead

Went outside the box and lived there

Started building

The past did not beat them up

The past pushed them up


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