Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


Leap Home

The hollow vase tips right over

The purple cushion that falls right over

The marble bridge I cross right over

To reach the cattails by the pond.

But the way there is long,

Though Iā€™m sure I can make it there with a song.

The feathery whispers of the breeze mock

Like Echo, they sing, reverberating with vibrations through the stream

Where the buzzing fleas take flight to escape the thunder only to end in plight.

With all my might, I make my move, pounce right through the dew-smothered leaves.

The clear droplets fall to stall and enthrall, but too late it was done after my meal was achieved.

The purple petals that often tumble from the bushes cushion my jump as I prepare my cross.

The man-made marble beneath me stands still as my hind legs tense before I spring forward.

I can avoid the water and all the obstacles that can hinder my passage

As the long cattails sway and greet from afar ā€“ā€“ a message to me from home to see.

They swing from the breeze that wills me forward.

I feel a happy purple like the cushioned flowers that lay in a heap.

The blue sky is calm, the green grass is home

As I spot my own safe haven, and I take the final leap.


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