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A Thrilling New Addition to the Olympic Games!

Ah, the Olympic Games. A venue for showcasing international sports talent of the newest generation. The big games feature almost every sport that people love watching throughout the world. All but one, Podracing! The most intense, acrobatic, skillful, and exhilarating sport ever invented. 

Great news, Star Wars fans! Podracing is back, and not just in the Star Wars universe. It will make an appearance at the Summer Olympics in 2024! Podracing is a form of fast racing that was formerly exclusively well-known in the Star Wars galaxy.  It has a reputation for being exhilarating, intense, and featuring high-stakes competition. This combination makes it ideal for the Olympics. The audience wants to see thrilling sports with a lot on the line. On the grandest stage in the world, Anakin Skywalker’s crafty movements and unprecedented pod-creation are now on display. The Podracing pilots would also benefit greatly from this shift in recognition. They can now be honored with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals by us fellow Earthlings for their outstanding brilliance, which was previously only acknowledged in “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”.

An innovative and unique way of implementing Olympic host towns is another intriguing and exciting part of the new inclusion. The race track can be planned to follow the city, with different and unexpected hazards waiting for Pilots in each location they compete in. Landmarks can get in the way, and so can skyscrapers of the world’s biggest cities. Podracing’s inclusion in the Olympics is also thrilling since it will bring the necessary energy that the summer games previously lacked. When compared to the existing racing competitions at the Summer Olympics, such as Track, Podracing might be considered as something a lot more thrilling and deserving of viewership. The average viewer would prefer to see Anakin Skywalker maneuver past deadly dangers at lightspeed rather than watch people run laps in a circle. While the highest recorded speed for a track runner is 44 kilometers per hour, podracers have covered up to 947 kilometers per hour. How slow can you be!

All things considered, it is now time for the world to focus on the Olympic Podracing in 2024. The whole world is about to experience a brand-new type of adrenaline that has never been experienced in any of the well-known sports today. You can catch us at the Boonta Eve Classic!


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