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Festive Winter Films To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

It’s that time of the year where movie watchers snuggle up in their warmest blankets and fuzziest socks. Viewers can’t wait to sip on hot cocoa while enjoying movies that give them the comfort, laughter, drama, and life lessons they’ve been looking for. Enjoy this winter edition of festive films!

The Holiday (2006) — To get into the cheerful lovey-dovey season, the perfect movie to get you into the spirit is The Holiday. Viewers have adored this movie since 2006 because of the warm, light-hearted, charming feel it provides. In this film, the story revolves around two “unlucky” characters, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet), who are impulsively looking to swap houses over the holiday season. They both find themselves living complete opposite lives across the globe! One in a Hollywood mansion while the other is in a picture-perfect snow covered English village. Unexpectedly they find themselves starting new romances with characters Graham (Jude Law) and Miles (Jack Black), and they discover they can create new beginnings from the most unlikely circumstances.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) —  The timeless classics, the Harry Potter films, are so enchanting and captivating that it’s a must to watch them every holiday season. Harry Potter (portrayed by the incredible Daniel Radcliffe) is a young orphaned boy who learned that he is a famous wizard on his 11th birthday. After learning this shocking information about his past, he was summoned to Hogwarts, a school for wizards. During his time there, he builds several key relationships that we see come into play time and time again throughout the films.

Knives Out (2019) — For the viewers that like mystery and crime, this is definitely the movie to watch this holiday season! Out in 2019, Knives Out is about a dysfunctional family and the circumstances surrounding the death of a famous novelist, Harlan Thrombey. Filled with lots of heartfelt emotion, we see the movie’s characters deceive one another while trying to prove their innocence in this murder. While the detective (played by Daniel Craig) figures out this coat-and-dagger mystery, viewers will try to figure out all the curveballs too (but trust me, some you just won’t see coming)! 

Enjoy that cocoa and cozy up – there’s plenty more fun holiday movies to come!


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