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HOCO (Homecoming) In Review!

As we all know Homecoming looked very different this year compared to years past, but this does not mean that it was any less of a success. Since the beginning of the year there was speculation about what Homecoming would be like this year, as events such as the dance, and powderpuff were obviously not going to take place. But this year’s student council did a great job in creating COVID friendly events and spirit days. 

First on Monday of Homecoming week it was “Maniac Monday” where students and teachers were encouraged to wear their craziest hats and mismatching clothes on their zoom calls. Then on Tuesday students and teachers set their zoom background to one made to represent each class to show their spirit. That night was also “Among Us Game Night” where students would play Among Us together with students from all over the school over Zoom. On Wednesday students were given a Viking Goose Chase to complete throughout their asynchronous day. In this Goose Chase students were given a series of short tasks all around Upper Merion, and the winners were given a $20 Wawa gift card. On Thursday the spirit task of the day was “Dress It Up Thursday” where students were encouraged to change out of their old pj’s and break out their fancy attire. On Thursday night the student council put on a trivia night, where teams of students and teachers competed to see who was the most knowledgeable in topics such as sports, history and Upper Merion trivia. On Friday students and teachers showed their school spirit by wearing blue and gold during their classes. And of course on saturday was the Homecoming Parade, where the homecoming court as well as many other students decorated their cars to show their spirit. 

In the end Homecoming has always been a great way to bring students together, and help freshmen get some school spirit and get involved. This year it has been difficult to get many students to get away from their little black screen on zoom, but Homecoming has always been a place for students to get out of their shell, and this year was no different. Events such as “Among Us Game Night” had many students attend, and in the end Homecoming still had the great feeling of school unity that we all love. Putting together a completely virtual homecoming was no easy task, and the student council did it gracefully.


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