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How is Upper Merion Dealing With Covid-19 in Sports?

What is Upper Merion doing to handle Covid-19, with sports? At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, it was originally said that a majority of fall sports would not be taking place, due to difficulty social distancing. However, some sports such as golf, tennis, and cross-country were still on for competition. 

Late in September, the school board decided to go forward with fall sports, allowing all of the sports to compete in shortened seasons beginning in October, with games beginning in mid-October. All athletes were required to self monitor their symptoms, and get tested by the trainers before every competition, home and away. So far there have been no cases of Covid-19 across all of the sports, and most of the fall sports seasons are coming to a close. 

With only a few days left in the fall season, athletes are beginning to prepare for their winter sports seasons. 

Although there has no official statement regarding winter sports, it is presumed that winter sports will compete following social distancing guidelines, with reduced competition. Winter PIAA state championships have already released decisions regarding these events in the late winter, as they will take place, with social distancing guidelines, and reduced capacity. Despite many changes to sports this year, athletes are happy to be back on the field, track, gym, and in the pool. Good luck to all the Upper Merion athletes competing this season!


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