Viking Call

Upper Merion High's Student Newspaper


I did it Mom!

“I made it in!” 

I did it Mom!

I stare at the computer screen in awe

As congratulations rolls across

And I try not to cry

Everything I’ve worked for

Years of nothing but studying

Now a new sparkle in my eye

How naive I was then

Thinking that could solve my problems

3 years later life flipped on its head

Kicked out of school

No more sparkle,

No more hope,

I slump down and sigh

Why not go out bold?

Make everyone remember my name

I grab some supplies, 

Dampen the building in electric liquid

Strike the match

Watch it burn

A day later I’m caught

Exactly how I planned

Though in jail, I lead the headlines

500 miles burned

Worst people in history

“I made it in”


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