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Luca Review

Luca, one of the latest Disney/Pixar films, is directed by Enrico Casarosa and offers a heartwarming coming-of-age story set against the stunning backdrop of Italy. The film is a fun but emotional tale of acceptance that provides the audience feeling bittersweet at the end. Luca follows the adventures of character Luca Paguro, a young sea monster who lives beneath the sea but dreams of exploring the world on the surface above. Luca’s life changes forever when he befriends Alberto Scorfano, another young sea monster who has experience in the human world. Together, they embark on a journey to the fictitious coastal town of Portorosso. Throughout their journey, they must navigate the challenges of hiding their true identities while discovering the joys and complexities of friendship, family, and self-discovery. The challenges lie within the fact that Luca is prohibited to enter the “human” world by his parents as it is meant to be a dangerous and scary place. Despite this, Luca journeys out to land with Alberto, where they find the beauty that is present there. The two friends find themselves having to come to terms with the fact that people can’t see who they truly are as they would be shunned by society and kicked out of Portorosso indefinitely. As the plot continues, we see how Luca and Alberto, along with other sea monsters, reveal themselves to be their true selves and the people of Portorosso accept them for who they truly are. At its core,
Luca explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and the courage to be oneself. It delves into the fear of prejudices that can arise when people are different from what is considered “normal.” These themes are handled with sensitivity and provide valuable life lessons for both children and adults alike.

Aside from the main plot, the film is also visually pleasing, featuring vibrant and detailed portrayals of the Italian countryside, the charming town of Portorosso, and the underwater world inhabited by sea monsters (such as Luca). The character design is unique and the animation beautifully captures the story being told. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Dan Romer, also complements the Italian setting perfectly and adds to the overall charm of the film. Luca is a charming and visually stunning animated film that stands out for its heartfelt storytelling and memorable characters. While it may not be as grand in scale as some other Pixar classics, it excels in delivering a simple yet touching story of friendship and self-discovery. Whether you’re a fan of animated films or simply looking for a heartwarming family movie, Luca is well worth watching with your family and friends


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