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Last Summer Show – The O.C. Review

It’s almost that time of the year when we get ready to put our fuzzy socks on. But not quite yet – we still have a little summer left in us! To finish summer off, let’s look back to the peak of iconic summer shows in the 2000s, with the California heat and family drama that always left us wanting more. What could possibly get better than that?! 

The O.C. premiered in 2003 and has been popular ever since. This early 2000s show was ahead of its time, which made it so culturally impacting the early 2000s. Viewers are put in a world-wind of emotions as they try to keep up with the numerous twists and turns in every episode. For those of you who might not be familiar with the show, OC stands for Orange Country, where plenty of social events get sabotaged, loud summer parties occur nearly every night, and tons of drama overtakes each episode. The O.C. is centered around Ryan, a mysterious and special boy that came from the rocky side of Chino, California. Ryan was born into a poor and dysfunctional family with a mother who had awful relationship issues that always affected him. One evening, while hanging out with his older delinquent brother, he got in serious trouble with the law – changing his life forever. Sandy


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