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Year: 2024


Shaken Ground: Aftermath of Afghanistan’s Earthquake

In a world where natural disasters often take center stage, Afghanistan’s earthquake, a lesser-known but equally significant event, deserves our attention. This seismic event, which struck the heart of the nation, left a lasting impact on the lives of countless…


Horror Movie Recommendations

Halloween isn’t Halloween without scary movies to set the scene for a night full ofscreams, scares, and surprises. Let’s break down five amazing horror films to watch withfamily and friends on Halloween night!When you think of horror movies, one of…

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The Phenomenon that is Jingleball!

The annual iHeartRadio’s JingleBall presented by Capital One is coming back for its 27thyear! With 12 different locations for this year’s holiday concerts including New York City,Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles, each concert is sure to be enjoyable. Ten artists…

Arts & Entertainment

The Successsion of the Scream Franchise

The original Scream produced in 1996 and its following saga have left a great mark onthe horror genre. Created by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven, the original Screamfilm revolutionized the slasher genre by injecting wit, self-awareness, and plot…

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Ship-Wrecked: Our Flag Means Death Season 2 Review

It’s bigger, it’s funnier, and it’s finally here: season 2 of the unexpected smash hit OurFlag Means Death made landfall on Max with a three-episode premiere on October 5, with thefinale coming on October 26. The first season of this…

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The Taylor and Travis Tale – Better Known as Tayvis/Swelce Story!

It all started with a friendship bracelet. Travis Kelce attended Taylor Swift’s The ErasTour in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium on July 8, 2023, and attempted to give her a braceletwith his phone number on it. While the move was…


The Asylum

Their feet are like drumsShaking the walls I’m carvingIt’s a faint dove, but I’m not goodThe Asylum; it is not mine until I’m aloneI’m an escapee, hiding amongst all that is raw and swallowing goreI often dream of a pale…

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Friday the 13th

The sigh you emit would be visible in the air from the cold, if it wasn’t forthe pitch black that you’re engulfed in. You are crouched at the base of a tree, legs burning from the ache of thestressed position…


Halloween Horror

Moonlight is the only thing shining from the windowAll it does is make the pit in my stomach growEach ticking moment feels like I’m getting nearTo the final result of my fearSomething scrapes outsideClawing to get to where I hideDeep…