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COVID Fear Spreads as President Trump is Diagnosed

On Friday, October 2nd, President Donald Trump tweeted out that him and his wife Melania tested positive for the coronavirus. Now that the president of the United States could get infected by the virus, people have once again begun to greatly worry about catching it themselves. Upon finding out that he was infected, President Trump was given various medicines, including an experimental drug called Regeneron, which has been shown to have results in suppressing coronavirus symptoms. 

It has been disclosed that, for the past few days before Trump was tested positive for the virus, he had been experiencing symptoms of a fever such as headaches, sweating, coughing, and chills. Yet despite these symptoms, Trump wasn’t discovered to have been infected by the virus until the second of October. Following this discovery, Trump was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center by helicopter to receive tests and further treatment to prevent the virus from causing any further harm to the president. Many other Republicans were tested after the president was diagnosed with the virus, and many of them were found to have positive test results as well. 

The next few days following Trump’s transfer to Walter Reed, it was reported that he was given other drugs for his treatment including remdesivir and dexamethasone. Doctors and other medical staff taking care of the president reported that Trump’s cough had begun to disappear, and that the president’s condition seemed to be improving significantly. Trump supported this story soon after the doctor’s announcements by tweeting out that the staff were doing excellent work and that he was feeling extremely well, much better than before he had gotten there. Others disagreed with this story however, such as the Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who said that Trump’s condition was uncertain, and that there is no certainty the president will make a quick recovery. Shortly after this story came out, the White House Physician, Sean Conley, stated to the press that while yes, Trump did have low oxygen levels at a few points in time during his stay at Walter Reed, his health was still steadily improving and he showed no signs of harm caused by the virus. 

On Monday, October 5th in the afternoon, Trump tweeted that he would soon be leaving Walter Reed Medical Center, and would receive the rest of his treatment at the White House. Within the tweet, he also informed the public to not be afraid of the coronavirus, and to not let it ruin their lives. Many Democrats slammed it for encouraging unsafe health practices, despite the fact that the tweet was mostly meant to support those who were suffering being in lockdown as a result of the virus. The fear of this virus grows as a result of everyone staying in lockdown over long periods of time, and Trump’s tweet was sent to encourage those feeling under the weather to lift their spirits up. The claim that Trump would be leaving the center soon was supported by doctors in the facility, and sure enough in the evening of that same day, Trump left the medical center and travelled back to the White House. Over the past few days since Trump travelled back to the White House, he has been recovering and hasn’t experienced any more major symptoms. This goes to show that even those who receive the best care in the world, even the president, can still catch this virus, and we must be cautious going forward.


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