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Fall Sports Round-Up

The Fall Sports season at Upper Merion is a must-see spectacle for all local sports
lovers. Every single year, new accolades are accomplished, and athletic careers soar. This year,
many of our Fall Sports athletics achieved new heights.
Starting off, the Lady Vikings Volleyball team has had another stellar season. They
rounded out their 20-game regular season with a dominating 17-3 record, and only dropping
one game in Valhalla as well. Not only have the Lady Vikings punched their ticket to the District
Playoffs, they’ll be competing in the PAC tournament as well. The Lady Vikings have a strong
chance to qualify for States as well, but of course, that is no easy task. Be sure to not only cheer
on the Lady Vikings as they fight their way to titles, but also to congratulate Coach Tony Funsten
on his 30th season with the team!
Switching gears, Boys Soccer flipped a switch halfway through their season and played
an extremely high level of soccer. The boys currently stand with a 12-5 record, with one game to
go against Academy Park on 10/18. The stellar finish for the boys team earned them a position
in the PAC Final Four, a position in the District Playoffs, and the championship title for the
Frontier Division. Make space in the trophy room!
Finally, Upper Merion Water Polo has had a historic season, in addition to their titles last
year. The team won the Small School State Championships for the first time in UM history, and
qualified for State Tournament Play-ins. The immense leadership from Kevin Roseland and
Nate DeStefano did not go unnoticed, as both players were a force on the offensive side of the
ball. JR Herman was a beast on defense, and came up with many notable blocks, stops, and
interceptions against an offensively strong Springfield Spartan team. The team lifted the trophy
high, until it was dropped on the pool deck… But hey, Upper Merion is the 2023 Small School
State Champs!
Time and time again the Fall Sports season delivers tremendous fan turnout, stellar
competition, and amazing additions to the Upper Merion trophy collection. Best of luck to all
teams continuing their seasons in the postseason!


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