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NBA Preview

NBA season is right around the corner, training camp and preseason has started across
the NBA and the buzz around it couldn’t be higher. Some familiar faces now have new homes,
some teams have raising playoff and title hopes.
A lot went down in the NBA offseason from player drama, to free agency signings, big
names being traded and a new CBA. The NBA contracts are already worth stupid amounts of
money but with the new CBA they can write even bigger checks for players and we saw that this
offseason. Jaylen Brown, Anthony Davis, Desmond Bane, Tyrese Haliburton, and LaMelo Ball
all got a ridiculous amount of money on extensions this offseason. All of these players are
deserving of big paydays but the first player ever to have a 300 Million dollar contract is Jaylen
Brown? Not Lebron, KD, Giannis or Nikola Jokic? I’m very interested to see if he lives up to that
contract. Other players got massive paydays in the offseason like Kyrie Irving and Khris
Middleton. Some role players got massively overpaid, this is a regular occurrence in the NBA
because of the amount of money that gets thrown around. But is someone like Dillion Brooks
worth 80 Million Dollars? I don’t think so, it’s crazy how much money gets thrown around in the
NBA and I think the new CBA didn’t help.
Trades in the NBA are always something interesting simply because big stars always
move at the deadline or in the offseason. This year we had quite the shake up. Bradley Beal to
the suns making a superteam. Chris Paul to the Warriors, putting 4 future hall of famers on the
same team. Damian Lillard has finally made his way out of Portland and was traded to the
Bucks which should put them at the top of the list for the Eastern Conference along with the
Celtics. Who added Jrue Holiday who was a key piece on the Bucks. Both of these teams are
going to be really good and will be very hard to beat in the East.
The NBA always has player drama every season and offseason. The hot talk was
Damian Lillard until he got traded but the one who remains in the drama, James Harden.
Unhappy with his contract situation pushed very hard to be traded and was not by the Sixers.
The declining superstar who has lacked postseason success was not a hot item on the trade
market. This is his 4th time doing something like this and I think the rest of the league is fed up
with him about it. The Sixers are too because there is not much worse than an unhappy player
who can quickly turn into a locker room cancer. The Sixers need to find a way to fix this issue or
they won’t be very successful in an Eastern conference that is already looking very tough
because of teams like Milwaukee and Boston.


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