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How to Fix Your Feminist Girlfriend

Does your girlfriend insist on splitting the bill? Does she refuse to cook dinner when you come home from work?  Are you worried that her plans of going to college and pursuing a career may not be a joke? If this sounds familiar, your girlfriend may be turning into a feminist. Around the world, men are being emasculated by this raging epidemic. Do not fear, while your girlfriend turning into a feminist is terrifying, if caught early enough and handled properly, the effects of the ideology can be reversed. There are a few steps you can take to save your relationship, your girlfriend, and most importantly, yourself from the hands of feminism:

1. Gaslighting. While some may resort to manipulation as a last-ditch effort, I suggest using it as your primary method of damage control. It is effective, effortless, and (mostly) ethical. Anytime your girlfriend does anything feminist-coded, manipulate her into believing that it is reinforcing patriarchal values. For example, if she refuses to cook or clean for you, tell her that she is undermining the responsibilities of equality in a relationship and that sacrifices must be made for each other for it to be balanced. If she attempts to flip the argument on you and she wants you to cook and clean for her, tell her that she isn’t fulfilling what it means to be a strong independent woman. Playing these types of mind games will eventually cause her to completely reject the ideas of feminism and revert to the classic housewife role as it will seem more logical. 

2. Manipulating the content she consumes. If you can’t stomach the idea of openly manipulating your girlfriend, you can use propaganda to accomplish the same goal. When she is not around, go through her phone and Google search key terms such as “anti-feminism,” “how to be a better housewife,” and “Andrew Tate.” Google will take this data and recommend similar content of interest on her social media, such as Instagram and Tiktok. She will slowly become exposed to more content that will break down her feminist ideas. By the end of this process, she will be an anti-feminist and will believe it’s of her own accord. 

3. Romanticize pre-19th Amendment America. If your girlfriend is focusing too much on the future, try your best to glamorize the past. This has to be done subtly, but if done correctly, it could yield results before she even realizes what’s happening. Surround her with books and music of the time, buy her vintage jewelry and clothes, and do everything in your power for her to love this point in time. She will begin to adopt the aspects of this era, such as being a housewife, into her life, therefore deconstructing her feminist ideas. 

While feminism is threatening relationships everywhere, we will not go without a fight. Take precautions and be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Keep an eye out for the symptoms of feminism— rationality, patience, self-respect— or before you know it, your next date night might be at a women’s rights march. 


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