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Men’s History Month

Last month we celebrated, what some might consider, the worst time of the year: Women’s History Month. Whatever excuses these feminists may have, it’s quite literally, the single most pointless celebration of the year. Sure you’ve gone through centuries of being second-class citizens, but you’ve had decades to get over it. Yes, 42% of working women in the United States experience gender discrimination (GfK’s Knowledge Panel, 2017), stuff happens! But you know who we are overlooking? The group that historically has been carrying their weight? Men.

When learning about history, it becomes exhausting learning about the innumerable amount of men that have contributed to the betterment of society (and the creation of a patriarchy that oppresses women and idealizes toxic masculinity, BUT THAT IS IMMATERIAL). We need a month where we specifically learn about men and their accomplishments. They are the center of history, and their contributions are well documented, therefore we have to study them. Women had all of history to take a stand, where are their names? Nothing was stopping them from being a scientist, president, or inventor. Maybe they should stop blaming things that aren’t even real like sexism or gaslighting– like that’s not even a real word. Junior Malak Ibrahim gives her take, “Honestly, I don’t know why females have the audacity to celebrate themselves for an entire MONTH. What do they want – a “great job” for working in the kitchen and doing what’s expected of them? We need to switch this nonsense to MEN’s History Month. A celebration of the sigma grindset we’ve been on since day one. God, these are the days where I miss pre-19th amendment America.” 

What women fail to realize is that their progression in society is because of the sacrifices men had to make. It was the legislation of men that paved the way for equal rights. Do you know how terrifying it must have been for them to disrupt the social pyramid they created? It was their baby, a woman could never understand how difficult it is to birth something like this.

Through my extensive research on the reputable information platform Reddit, I have been enlightened to countless (real) accounts of why a Men’s History Month is needed, but more importantly, why we don’t need a female history month, “Women’s history is just victim points scoring raising women who were non-entities and pretending they were important when twenty men just as important are never mentioned by history” (Reddit, 2021). Another user suggests an alternative, “I think it’s important to remember that women were also a big contributor to the science of the past as well, but at the same time not try to make women the UNDISPUTABLE SCIENCE GODS for a month, I think a well publicized 2 weeks about the kind of women who created baby formula or the one who discovered the double helix shape of DNA are brought up would suffice” (Reddit, 2021). 

Take that, steminists. 


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