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Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, the Debate That Has Engulfed the Nation

      In the United States, we take for granted certain rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and etc. Currently, there is a vicious, complex and polarizing conflict over the right to have an abortion. States like Texas and Mississippi have decided to severely limit the scope of an abortion as Texas has recenly “made a law that bans abortions after about 6 weeks of pregnacy, which is well before many women know that they are even pregnant”  (“What the Texas”). As a man, I will never could never imagine a silver of the pain and experience of a pregnancy, but I firmly believe that women should be allowed and provided the resources and clinics necessary to have an abortion if they desire to pursue that path. As with most controversial issues, nothing is black and white and both sides have valid points. I personally believe in the pro-choice side because I believe that as a nation, we should priortize and strive to give freedom over one’s life and body to everyone, especially women who are about experience one of the most agonizing and dangerous actions. 

      Pro-life proponets have a valid concern of the babies rights not being protected or considered when a women is considering to have abortion; which I would counter with the argument that we need to allow to women, children and people in general to have the option and resources to avoid being stuck in horrible situations which can ruin them and their family. The Los Angles Times explains how the denial of an abortion can severely impact the living situation of the women and her children by stating that “existing children of women who were denied abortions were more likely to live in poverty than those who recieved an abortion (72% compared with 55%) and to be in a houshold that does not have enough money to cover basic needs like food, housing and transportation (87% to 70%)” (Netburn). I feel it it is to same to assume, from this evidence, that a child born from a women who was denied an abortion is more likely to live in poverty and to be in a houshold that does not provide for their needs. I also feel that is may be safe to assume that this child from the denied abortion is most likely to face resenment from the mother and her other children for being percieved as the cause of their pain and struggle to survive, if they are in the majority described by the Los Angles Times. In my opinion, a women should have the choice of an abortion so that they can have the option of allowing themselves to avoid subjugating a child to a reality where there are not properly cared for. 

      Some people may argue that women who willingly had sexual relations should not be able to have an abortion due to them putting themselves in a position to have the child in the first place. I would argue against that point by explaining how mistakes are made and how randomness is an inevitable part of existence, and how humans should be able to be given the tools to limit the effect of randomness. Children are widely recognized as the future, so society should ensure that women are able and desire to nurture their children to be a critical and conductive part of said future. In my opinion, women should have the right to an abortion if they decide to pursue that path.


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