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The Best Holiday To Kick Off This Season!

Thanksgiving is the best holiday along with the best season! Why might you ask? Well, it’s the perfect day to be with friends and family that you potentially haven’t seen in years. It’s very important to have fun and to laugh as much as the hyena in the Lion King. Unlike that hyena though, Thanksgiving also allows us to eat delicious, elegant, meals full of mouthwatering food that emanates love. My favorite meal of Thanksgiving is the appetizing side dish known as macaroni and cheese. People say it’s overrated, but I wouldn’t choose any other dish besides mac and cheese because it’s the greatest food out there! 

        Thanksgiving is not all about food either, it also provides a very needed respite to manage stress and anxiety. I recommend using the holiday time to keep and maintain communications with many different people, including loved ones. It’s always good to cherish the moments while you can because you never know if you’re ever going to have moments like that again.Thanksgiving is about celebrating gratitude and the blessings of your life, a life that would not be the same enjoyable life you have today without family and  friends. 

   Thanksgiving is a stress free, positive holiday where you can spend time with your friends and your loved ones. I believe the best way to spend time with family or friends is to play games with them on Thanksgiving. Some of my favorities include hide and seek, musical chairs, charades, uno, and the underrated, and my all time favorite game, Manhunt. With so many fun things to do on Thanksgiving, life can becomec razy but that is why it is awesome as well. Bonding with others seems to have a mystical effect that makes you forget all your worries and troubles. There’s nothing like a memorable moment you’ll never forget! Fun fact, Thanksgiving symbolizes Cornucopia. Cornucopia is an ornamental container that’s shaped like a goat’s horn and this container contains flowers, fruit, and corn in it. Ironically the majority of people don’t eat fruit or corn on Thanksgiving yet Cornucopia serves as a symbol of abundance. I believe Thanksgiving offers us an tremendous opportunity to appreciate our lives, an opportunity that seems to get buried in our hectic everyday lives. Thanksgiving is the best holiday to kick off this season because you’re surrounded by love, and having fun! Nothing could be better than that!


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