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The Holiday Times Lessons

A bright beautiful, prominent tree adorned with shiny, metallic ornaments with gifts stacked on each other, as tall as a giraffe, or a bunch of candles close together being lighted one magically day after another. Singing, dancing, magical stories full of culture and lessons illuminate the days or 7 days of normalcy marked with time spent with family and friends. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are only a few of the holidays celebrated this holiday season with some people not celebrating any holidays which are totally fine and good. There is no need to have to participate in these holidays in order to recognize and implement the lessons these festivals teach us. 

    All three holidays have a complex history but to simplify Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday for Christians, Hannukah is a celebration of the Maccabees victory over the Syrians for Jews and Kwanzaa is a celebration of the African-American culture for African-Americans. All three holidays are important to their respective cultures but even if you are not part of that culture, the lessons can still be beneficial to learn, understand and to follow the best we as humans can. These holidays give us the critical lesson of showing appreciation for those who you treasure in your life and to avoid the trap of selfishness. It also reminds us to not take the people in our lives for granted, and to attempt to spend as much time as we possibly can with them before the clock of life ends. It gives us a break for our everyday busy lives, and shifts perspective and forces us to focus a lot more on family, instead of work. 

   We of course, endaevor to concentrate on carving time out for loved ones in everydaylife but inevitable life, work, school, and responsibilities pop up for everyone and obstruct us in that concentration. However holidays breaks assist by equipping us with free time to maintain that tight family bond, a bond that is usually the bedrock for success. Festivals also give us excitement, happiness and time to relax, catch up on work at a less strenuous rate and to treasure our history. It is also a opprunity to get outside more often while also having the possibility to spend and get new, necessary or exciting items that are normally out of the price budget. 

It likewise also allows businesses the chance to sell more of their goods and services to larger portions of the public. 

   Holidays further unifies people and permits them to concentrate on positive news instead of the negative news and effects that seem to surround us like air on an everyday basis. The negativity is important but so is positivity and holidays allow that important sense of positivity to flourish. Not only is positivity allowed to flourish, but holidays still provide lessons that humanity should emulate, time to focus on the most important thing in life, which is family, and the opening to assist our human companions. 


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