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Is ‘You’ Worth the Hype?

You is a very distinguished, popular TV-MA psychological thriller series on Netflix. When this series debuted in 2018, it received praise about being an addictive, entertaining, and thrill-seeking series. It is everything described in the news and more! 

You starts off with a charming protagonist, Joe. In the first season, Joe becomes infatuated with a woman named Guinevere Beck. In this duration of time, his infatuation continues to grow to extreme levels. Joe finds himself attempting to know everything that he needs to know about her and make her fall hopelessly in love with him. While this is happening, viewers see the eerie thoughts and feelings that Joe is having while the infatuation becomes obsessive. It is blatantly evident how Joe’s spine-chilling stalking abilities became more active.

In You, I realized I’ve personally become more invested in the actor Penn Badgley. He showed viewers (myself included) how he can portray a loveable villainous psychopath throughout the countless seasons. The sequence of events in the series will provide viewers with laughter and enjoyment (on top of the creepiness you’d hope for from a psychological thriller show).

Although the series is very intriguing, You gave a sudden twist in the new fourth season! Joe makes his way to London to follow his new obsession from the previous season. Since Joe usually changes his identity almost every season he finds and uses a different identity of the name Jonathan Moore in the new season. He decides to be a professor, which becomes a major twist in his life. He decides to make a few “friends” that lead him into many mind-boggling circumstances. Although this season is definitely different from the prior three, many viewers had no problem with the sudden change. We now get to see how the stalker becomes the stalkee as people follow Joe-Jonathan around London – adding a more alluring sense to the show! Personally, I’m a little wary about the new characters as they are quite different then the characters we usually see in the show. At the same time, however, it makes You a little more interesting since we can’t guess the new characters’ actions most of the time. I have some predictions of my own for future seasons – I think that Rhys Montrose and Kate have a lot to do with everything that’s going on in the fourth season. If you enjoy shows that are addictive, entertaining, and thrill-seeking, You will be right up your alley!


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