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Rosaline Review

Rosaline is a new film on Disney+ that is a comedic retelling of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare told from Romeo’s ex, Rosaline, the woman who Romeo claims to love first before he falls for Juliet. Starring Kaitlyn Dever (Rosaline), Isabela Merced (Juliet), Kyle Allen (Romeo), and Sean Teale (Dario), the film starts with a snippet of how Romeo and Rosaline’s life used to be prior to Juliet entering the picture. We see Rosaline as an “old” woman who is beyond of age to marry a nobleman but has passions of her own (traveling and exploring the new world). Rosaline is deeply in love with Romeo, and on the night of a masquerade ball, her father sends her off on a date with a suitor to see if she shall marry him. The man she meets is Dario, a soldier who is back from duty to get married. At the ball Romeo and Juliet meet, and Romeo forgets all about Rosaline. Missing the ball (and Romeo), Rosaline falls into a deep depression and constantly sends letters to her beloved Romeo, who always seems to ignore her and hasn’t written back to Rosaline once. Rosaline meets Juliet (her cousin from her father’s side) and finds out that Juliet has been smitten by Romeo becomes intent on breaking them up. Rosaline takes Juliet and the two go on adventures together – all in an effort to make Rosaline think of a life other than marriage. Along the way, Juliet finds out what Rosaline was planning, and … 

Watch the rest of the movie on Disney+ (make sure to watch it soon as the film is leaving the platform on February 15th to go to Hulu permanently). Find out what happens to Rosaline, Romeo, Juliet, and Dario in this fantastic movie filled to the brim with laughter – you’ll definitely enjoy it if you like old timey movies with interesting modern flares!


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