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National Banana Bread Day

I bet the topic attracted you here, like a magnet with metal. I want to give you some good news, this day is real. It is on February 23rd and it honors this mouthwatering, goldish, fluffy beauty. The history of this masterpiece dates back to the 1930s in America. At least we can say that we have a cuisine, unlike the British. The popularity of baking soda and baking powder helped in spreading this dessert across Americans. A safe claim is that the Vienna Model Bakery is the first to produce this magnificent cake in America. That happened in 1893 so the fame of baking soda and baking powder was required for the success of this glorious dessert. The idea of using fruits in the bakery was reused in history. In Hawaii during world war 1, they had a surplus of fruits. They needed to use all of their resources during these harsh times. The isolation of the island did not allow for much trade. This forced them to use their fruits in multiple industries and matters. This eventually forced fruits to visit the bakeries. Nevertheless, all these steps in history did not go in vain, we now have perfected what these bakers were trying to achieve.


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