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Month: April 2024


Freaky Folklore From Around the World

They tell you to be careful of urban legends, like BigFoot or the Loch Nessmonster, in which naive children gather around a campfire and hear about creaturesbeyond their imagination. Suddenly, the group becomes quiet and suspenseful, until thestoryteller suddenly makes…


Haunted Holidays

The gentle unease of spooky aesthetics rises as Halloween approaches. The precisebeginnings of this holiday are veiled in a layer of mystery, though historians generallybelieve that it began as a combination of Catholic traditions honoring the deceased andCeltic harvest celebrations….


Are Ticketmasters Prices a Trick Or a Treat?

Ticketmaster is under fire for their ticket selling tactics. With the music industry booming after COVID-19, singers, celebrities, and other artists are going on World Tours. The biggest tours ongoing as of now are Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Beyonce’s Renaissance…


Upper Merion Safe, But Not Secure

Upper Merion’s Low Violent Crime; Major Property Crime Problem Upper Merion is easily one of the safest areas in Pennsylvania. Violent crime stands at a third of state and national averages and the township police department, in their January 2023…


The Mundane Horror of the Literal Uncanny Valley

Pennsylvania: translated literally, it means “Penn’s Woods” (Wesser). Yet all that remainsof them is a skeleton of dirt trails and tree stumps, continually replaced with ornamental fruittrees and recycled tire-based pavement. Where nature was once in control, any fraction ofwilderness…


Ghostly Affairs

Halloween, documented to have gone as far back as the 7th century, has now become oneof the world’s oldest holidays. In America, we celebrate the holiday through costumes andtrick-or-treating. We spend time with friends, go to parties, haunted houses, or…


Women’s College Basketball

With the fall season settling in, you can expect for some “edge of your seat” games in thisyear’s NCAA Women’s Basketball. With some star players to watch like Hailey Van Lith, PaigeBueckers, Angel Reece, Caitilin Clark, and many more, these…


Fall Sports Round-Up

The Fall Sports season at Upper Merion is a must-see spectacle for all local sportslovers. Every single year, new accolades are accomplished, and athletic careers soar. This year,many of our Fall Sports athletics achieved new heights.Starting off, the Lady Vikings…


NBA Preview

NBA season is right around the corner, training camp and preseason has started acrossthe NBA and the buzz around it couldn’t be higher. Some familiar faces now have new homes,some teams have raising playoff and title hopes.A lot went down…

Student Life

A Tell All With Mr. Barash

It is often said that in a trio one person is always left out, which explains why duosare considered to be stronger. However, if duos supposedly work, then why is it that theschool play is continuously outshined by the yearly…